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February, 2011 Update:
I'm migrating
to a more interactive WordPress based format.
The goal will be to encourage more contributions
from others to help keep the site fresh.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the large number
of podcasts listed on the current site.

If you have a Japan podcast that is not already listed and we have never communicated via email, please write to me to let me know, so I can be sure not to leave you out of the new version of the directory.
Dan Savage [Email]

Introduction: The first podcast I ever listened to was based in Kyoto. Unfortunately that well produced show came to an end shortly after I discovered it.

The second Japan podcast I stumbled on was not as interesting to me as that first one.

Realizing I might need to listen to a large variety of programs to find the most personally appealing content, I began seeking out all the Japan podcasts available at the time. I became somewhat compulsive in my search, and I quickly discovered a diverse field of programs including a few established shows, several new podcasts, and in many cases podcasts that were disappearing within days or weeks of getting started.

Later as I began considering my own podcasting project, I became more obsessive about listening to all the Japan podcasts in production or that ever were in production. I figured if I was going to trudge through countless hours of old and new programs to learn more about this new communication medium, I could at least make the task more enjoyable by choosing podcasts that had the potential of containing subject matter that was interesting to me.

Fast forward a few years as I got closer to relocating to Japan and launching my own Japan travel adventure podcast, along the way I realized that others who share an interest in Japan might appreciate my research and could benefit from a consolidated collection of independent, detailed Japan podcast descriptions that cover the vast spectrum of available Japan podcast programming.

The listings here include straightforward descriptions that have been written only after listening to large blocks of programming for each represented show, and in the majority of cases after listening to all the episodes ever produced of the podcast being reviewed.

Because I don’t want to inappropriately discourage someone from listening to a show they might like more than I did, I have tried with most of the podcasts to review and describe each program’s content with a positive outlook, focusing on each show’s individual strengths. However, I do comment on what I believe are noteworthy negative aspects of a few shows.

Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know what you think of this first incarnation of I am open to suggestions and look forward to growing and evolving the site. Feedback will be sincerely appreciated from anyone who is kind enough to offer it. And special thanks to anyone who links back to this site. Your support is highly valued. Please check out the tasty link buttons here available in 12 different colors.

Dan Savage

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